My ebay hacked into

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  1. jukebox

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    Jun 20, 2004
    Someone hacked into my ebay account and added 78 items, for sale, that are high level items. It took me 1 1/2 hrs to remove the junk and you would not believe what I owe ebay for the listings. (Plasma tv's, GPS systems, electronic gear, computers------) Ebay sends the same old canned junk that they will be in touch within 48 to 72 hrs.

    I have notice that my business dealings on ebay, for the few items I buy, have been getting worse and worse. Ebay has turned into a con game to get all the $$$ you can. Purchased an item 3 weeks ago and the person sent me the wrong thing- I have as of yet been reinbursed for forwarding it to the proper person. The item I purchased, when it arrived, was so bad that it went into the garbage can. Very few people are being honest in their listings.

    There are 2 types of people in life (takers and givers) and it seems that the "takers" are way-way ahead of the givers.
  2. Obser

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    Feb 13, 2006
    Highly Variable
    Ten years ago eBay was a neat place to buy and sell -- almost like an auction. Sellers were, or seemed to be, largely individuals and auctions often started at $1 with no reserve. We had fun buying and selling "stuff" we accumulated, and often made friends among those with whom we did business as buyers or sellers (and corresponded with people from all over the world).

    Then came "success" as the idea caught on and people began to make their living by selling on eBay. It was claimed a few years ago that 20,000 made a living on eBay. By five years ago it was still okay, but becoming impersonal and more profit focused – as big businesses tend to be. Still, we made a $9000 purchase not too long ago.

    However, now eBay seems to be almost entirely profit-driven and highly commercial (which is probably beneficial to eBay and to large sellers). We occasionally buy something but no longer sell. My identity was hijacked or hacked or whatever, and it took some time to straighten out the mess and retain my excellent feedback record.

    As Jukebox says, the takers have taken over.


  3. MELOC

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    Sep 26, 2005
    if i did not need the meager amount of money i get from a handful of ebay sales, i would not even bother. i agree it has gotten rediculous. i just paid @$2.20 to list an item for the second time that will sell for $25. the only thing special is 3 extra pictures.

    the fees have gotten way out of hand. i only participate and feed that monster because i must. i just love the way they charge out the wazoo for buy it now and higher minimum bid amounts...REDICULOUS. they should get a cut of the final price, like any other auction, and that should be it. i can see paying a token amount for listing an item, but ebay has gone nuts with greed. as soon as i get caught up on the bills and stable in my income i am finished with them. i would rather pull my hair out managing my very own website than get raped by ebay.

    about the private scamers, i expected that as they are everywhere in life. i almost fell for ebay website scams in the past. sometimes it is hard to notice if one is in a hurry or distracted etc.
  4. Ken Scharabok

    Ken Scharabok In Remembrance

    May 11, 2002

    Well, way I look at it is someone didn't 'hack' into your account. You gave them the key in some way via your password. I suspect you responded to one of those phishing e-mails requiring you to log into your eBay account to respond. Only it wasn't into eBay, but another site which recorded the password. Some of these are so good, after recording your password, they actually do connect you with eBay.

    From what I have read, by and large, these con-sters don't try to use active account because the account holder, like you, will likely see the new listings and take action to cancel the listing(s). They prefer inactive accounts to where they can run their scam listings, collect the payment and then disappear, leaving the account holder with not only the eBay listing fees (often high due to their having added just about every bell and whistle option available) but also the dissatisfied customers.

    If you haven't already done so, you need to immediately change your eBay password. If you also use the same password elsewhere, such as with PayPal, change those also.
  5. jukebox

    jukebox Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2004
    Just heard from ebay.

    "It appears your account was accessed by an unauthorized third party. To protect your account from further unauthorized use, we have temporarily restricted your account from sending email through Ask Seller a Question or Contact eBay Member, listing and bidding on items. Additionally, the email address on your account may have been tampered with, which is why you may not have received an email about any unauthorized activity. We have taken steps to secure your eBay account.

    If your account was used in any unauthorized activity, such as listing items or placing bids, this activity has been cancelled without incident. Any associated fees were credited to your account. We assure you that your credit card information is stored on a secure server and cannot be viewed by anyone."

    Ken ---Someone is good as my password has never been used in any other place than "ebay". I did change my password with numbers as well as letters. Only had letters before.
  6. rio002

    rio002 Well-Known Member

    Jul 29, 2002
    Hi there, this happened to me too a few weeks ago, I reported each auction that was falsely under my name to ebay as if it were prohibited items (that's the only link I could find) and they removed all fees associated with those auctions. I also changed my ebay and paypal passwords, and sent the jerks a threatening nasty email. All I could figure how they got in was I did repond to a Phishing email about 3 months ago--before I understood what those were and that's how they got in. If you are persistant ebay will make it right with you. Good luck
    BTW change the password to the email you use with ebay too, that's how come I never saw the notices of postings, because they accessed my email via ebay.
  7. MELOC

    MELOC Master Of My Domain

    Sep 26, 2005
    perhaps you need to run spyware may have a keylogging program that could be the result of a downloaded file from anywhere.
  8. Barb

    Barb Well-Known Member

    May 14, 2002
    West River SD
    My account was broken into also. AND I have never given out my password to anyone. I forward all phising e-mails to ebay. What a hassle to undo the mess. I don't sell - only buy on Someone bidding in my name.
  9. Ken Scharabok

    Ken Scharabok In Remembrance

    May 11, 2002

    For someone to guess your password would be extremely remote. They would have to know you very well and then take stabs, such as perhaps the name of your dog.

    For someone to get into your account with a random password generator is also extremely remote as I believe you only have three tries before you are locked out temporarily.

    I would say the extremely likelihood was responding to a phishing e-mail sometime in the past. As the next poster indicated they might wait several months before accessing your account. The fact you were able to log into eBay and cancel the listings (which involves having to give eBay your password again) shows they didn't change your user id or your password.

    What they likely did was to change your account preferences. For example, I believe one is to be notified of each new listing against your user id. If you had that turned on, they merely had to turn it off for you not to see the new listings. Another preference is Sold item emails: Notify me when one of my listings ends with a winning buyer. If they turned this one off you would not have received a notice of a sale. They would just have to monitor their listings to try to get paid as quickly as possible after it closed.

    My understanding is these phishing are normally from outside the U.S., such as Romania. They might send out their phishing e-mail to 100,000 e-mail addresses, knowing a goodly percentage of them likely have an eBay account. Then they only need at least one to fall for the phishing and they are in business. If they obtained a number, they are likely working their way down the list.

    Out of curiousity, how did they indicate they were to be paid when the listings closed?
  10. jukebox

    jukebox Well-Known Member

    Jun 20, 2004
    Ken = Have never typed my password other than to log into ebay.

    I think that payment was through "pay pal". Tried to get into ebay and everything about me is long gone. Going to have to create a new email address along with everything else.

    Here are the listings. Everything started at $199.00

    7771838391 Garmin GPSMap 2010C Color GPS Receiver with External Se
    7771838442 Garmin GPSMap 3006c Marine Chartplotter
    7771838525 GARMIN GPSMAP 3205 Marine GPS Receiver 5 I
    7771838558 Garmin GPSMap 376c GPS Marine and Vehicle Chartplotter
    7771838647 Garmin iQue M5 GPS PDA Kit 1GB 3 Yr Wrnty Free Ship New
    7771838756 GARMIN STREET PILOT 2610 GPS Brand New Fast Shipping
    7771838794 Garmin StreetPilot 2660 WAAS-Enabled In-Car GPS with De
    7771838858 Garmin StreetPilot 2820 GPS Navigation System with Blue
    7771838871 Garmin Streetpilot 7200 Vehicle Navigation System
    7771839035 Kenwood NV-D7732 DVD Navigation Package, Kenwood KVT
    7771839118 Kenwood NV-D8732 DVD Navigation Package, Kenwood KVT
    7771839217 Lowrance GlobalMap 7500C 12-Channel Vehicle GPS+WAAS Re
    7771839436 LOWRANCE LCX-111C HD Color Fishfinder
    7771839530 Numark CDN-95 Dual MP3/CD Player
    7771839602 Numark HDCD1 Dual CD Player with Internal Hard Drive
    7771839653 Numark HDX Hard Drive CD/MP3 Player
    7771839740 Numark iCDX
    7771839817 Numark ttUSB Turntable with USB Audio Interface
    7771839870 Numark VM03 3 screen/6 input LCD video display monitor
    7771839951 Numark x2 Hybrid Turntable Item number: 7768374957
    7771839982 Panasonic TH-42PD50U 42 Inch Plasma EDTV TV TH42PD50U
    7771840031 PANASONIC VIERA TH-50PV500 50"
    7771840121 Philips 42" LCD flat HDTV Pixel Plus 2 HD w/Ambilight
    7771840141 PIONEER DJM-1000 DJM1000 PRO DJ MIXER bstock
    7771840179 Pioneer DJM-500 Mixer
    7771840195 Pioneer DJM-600 Professional DJ Mixer with Sampler
    7771840235 Pioneer DJM-909 Battle Mixer w/Touchscreen LCD Display
    7771840329 Pioneer DVJ-X1 Digital Audio/ Video DVD Turnable. DVJX1
    7771840353 PIONEER EFX-1000 EFFECT PROCESSOR, DJ, EFX1000
    7771840367 Pionner CMX-3000 Pro Dual CD Player
    7771840407 PVDJ DAI Dual Digital Audio Interface
    7771840448 Samsung PPM63H3Q 63 Inch Plasma Display BRAND NEW
    7771840579 Sharp LC-45GD7U 45" HDTV LCD Television+Stand
    7771840641 Sony PFM42X1 42" Plasma TV Plasmas TVs HD
    7771840665 TomTom GO 910 Portable GPS Vehicle Navigator
    7771840709 TomTom Rider 32 MB GPS Navigator for Motorcycles and Sc
    7771840721 Vestax PMC-500 Professional Mixing Controller
    7771840829 Vestax PMC-CX Carl Cox Designed 3 Channel DJ Mixer
    7771840855 Vizio P42HDe 42' HD-Ready Plasma TV with Speakers
    7771836424 *BRAND NEW* Nikon D2X NEW RELEASE
    7771836462 50" Panasonic Viera PV500 HD Ready Plasma TV
    7771836513 Allen & Heath X-ONE V6 High Grade Pro DJ Mixer w/ Rotar
    7771836612 Allen & Heath XONE-62 Pro Club Mixer w. VCF Filters
    7771836653 Allen & Heath XONE:92 6 Stereo Channel DJ mixer
    7771836691 Alpine CVA-1014R DVD Navigation Package, Green Display
    7771836731 alpine in dash dvd player iva-d300
    7771836770 Alpine IVA-D310 In-Dash DVD/CD Player 7" CAR MONITOR
    7771836868 Alpine IVA-D310R DVD Navigation Package Touch Screen (G
    7771836951 ALPINE IVA-D900 IN DASH DVD PLAYER 7" LCD
    7771837012 Alpine IVA-D900R DVD Navigation Package Includes DVD Vi
    7771837057 Alpine TME-M710 DVD Navigation Package
    7771837107 Alpine TME-M710 Touch WideScreen x 2 + DVE 5207 DVD + H
    7771837269 Apple Cinema Display 23" High Definition w/ ADC to DVI
    7771837333 Apple iBook G4 Notebook 1.33 GHz 14" 60GB M9628LL/A
    7771837377 Apple iMac G5 Desktop with 20" NEW
    7771837433 Apple PowerMac Dual 2.7 GHz PowerPC G5 + 23 Dispaly
    7771837518 Apple/iMac G4/1.25/20"/160GB/1GB Ram/Superdrive/Airport
    7771837578 Bose 3-2-1 GSX DVD Home Entertainment System 321
    7771837632 Bose Acoustic Wave® Music System
    7771837658 Bose Lifestyle® 28 Series II Home Entertaiment System
    7771837769 Bose Lifestyle® 35 Series II DVD System
    7771837792 Bose Lifestyle® 38 home entertainment system
    7771837840 Bose LS48 Lifestyle 48 DVD Home Theater System MP3 3900
    7771837914 Chartplotter, Gpsmap 3206 Network
    7771837945 Chartplotter, Gpsmap 3210 10.4" Diag
    7771837981 Chartplotter, Gpsmap 498 Externa
    7771838009 Cobra GPSM 3080 Nav One Mobile Navigation System
    7771838061 Cobra Nav One 4500 Mobile GPS Navigation System with Tr
    7771838081 Crest Audio CA9 2000 Watts Power Amplifier
    7771838145 Denon DN-X1500 Professional DJ Mixer
    7771838233 Elation Power Spot 575 Moving Head Church Lighting Club
    7771838275 Garmin GPSMap 188C Sounder with GA29 Low-Profile Remote
    7771838323 Garmin GPSMAP 192C
  11. sisterpine

    sisterpine Goshen Farm Supporter

    May 9, 2004
    Zone 8a, AZ
    bummer! sorry to hear that happend to you. oh ya and i hope it never happens to me. i got a phishing email today on my business acount (pay pal only not ebay) saying that someone had not gotten an item they purchased from me (impossible to purchase from that signon). sent it to eb ay and confirmed a false email even though the item r3eally did exist. I NEVER answer anything from ebay or paypal via email. I ALWAYS go to the site by typing the address in the address line and then ask them the question.
  12. Ken Scharabok

    Ken Scharabok In Remembrance

    May 11, 2002
    OK, but...

    Did you only log into eBay from your home PC, through your secure Internet provider, or perhaps on the road also?

    I believe it was last year a major computer security conference was held at a large hotel. Computer security managers from almost anyone who is anyone was there. One group hacked into the hotel's server and used a rolling light screen to list the system, the user's id and the first four characters of their password to the entire audience. They reportedly had no shortage of listings.

    At a hotel you might be using a secure server. However, what about all of those 'foreign national' owned motels offering Internet hookup? When you are in a wide-fi (believe it is called) setting to where it is wireless access into a server how do you know the person next to you isn't reading on their screen everything you are typing in?

    Are you 100% sure you got into eBay or did you maybe go to eBag or eBig or whatever?

    Are you, personally, the only one who knows your eBay password? Did perhaps a family member respond to a phishing e-mail and just didn't think anything further about it? Remember some of these phishing e-mails are extremely sophisticated.

    I rather doubt the problem is at eBay's end. Somehow your user id and password were compromised. Might have been a breach of your firewall as mentioned above.

    Some time ago I suggested to eBay they make a password CPU regististration number (cookie) specific. That is, you can only access eBay with that password from a specific PC in the normal manner. If the entry attempt came from another PC it would automatically ask the secret questions before allowing entry.

    eBay's customer service supprot number is 866-322-9103 M-F, 6AM-6PM PDT. Far as I know it is in San Diego rather than overseas.
  13. River Rest

    River Rest Home-Insteader

    Aug 23, 2005
    Western NC

    MELOC, I use to list my items on ebay. You can add as many photos as you want, free. They also have free scheduling. They have some decent templates too. You should check it out.
  14. leoaloha

    leoaloha Well-Known Member

    Apr 18, 2005
    Phishing is an elaborate scam at times. It can really look like the company you deal with. To PREVENT being caught in a phishing scam ---

    NEVER reply to an e-mail - NEVER, NADA, JUST SAY NO, DONT DO IT
    be aware of where every email came from and delete unknown senders
    Use the normal bookmark or URL that you have normally used
    use secure logging in and
    make sure the lock is on in the lower right corner of your browser

    It would help to use firefox for a browser as MS IE is very bug ridden