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A couple of weeks ago, when on patrol in the woods surrounding the yard, Buster the dog found a new friend, but it didn't want to play with him. I heard him bark in a playful way, so I went out to see what he was getting into. The whole point of a big, stupid dog is to keep the coyotes and raccoons away from my critter pens. When I heard him give his "Let's play" bark, I imagined him playing with a coyote or something :rolleyes: Not a coyote, it was a BIG porcupine, fortunately, he just sniffed at it and left it alone when I told him to. He trotted home with me, all proud of himself.

Last week, he managed to tangle with a fisher and lost a chunk of his tail.

Last night, however, he crossed the line!

I heard the angriest bark ever out of him, so I jumped up, threw my shoes on and grabbed a gun and the super-duper flashlight. With the anger in the bark, I thought he was into the bear that lives up on the mountain and comes down to eat berries this time of year. I walked out the game trail that starts next to our bedroom door, listening. Off to my left I heard the branches rustle, followed by another angry bark. Forcing my way through the underbrush, I broke through to the roadway and what do I see? Buster is standing at the opposite side of the road, hackles up, sniffing at something in the grass at the edge of the road.

He barked again, then moved to his left and I got to see what he was so mad was smallish, cat sized. For a fleeting second,I thought that perhaps he had spotted the fisher agian and sought revenge for his tail. Then I got a better look at, with a white stripe!

I shouted: Buster - No-no!

It was too late, the smell drifted across the road to where I stood in horror.

The skunk gave one last salute with his tail and disappeared over the edge of the road down into the ravine.

Buster came over to me, wagging his tail but looking a little embarrased. He slept outside last night.

The way I think the scenario went down was that he went to greet the new cat with the fancy white stripe and fluffy tail, and got sprayed immediately. That would explain the angry bark instead of the "let's play" bark.

I had a big list of things to do today, but they have all been put on hold, with "wash the dog" put at the head of the list...

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DON'T use soap and water! Soap seems to set the ODOR in. Use:

Equal amounts of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar with a bit of Dawn dish detergent in it. Also add some baking soda if yu wish. Keep this out of the dogs eyes.. Massage in well. rinse. Repeat and repeat and repeat.

Don't ask me how I know.
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