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My dog at a cloth harness!

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About an hour ago I walked into my laundry room to see my dog sitting in his bed with the plastic pieces of a cloth harness. I searched everywhere for the rest of it but I couldn’t find any sign of it. I’m guessing he ate it... it’s a pretty large harness made out of pretty much leash material and it’s very thin. My dog is about 75 pounds. What should I do? I don’t wanna take him to the vet right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic. What should my next steps be? Is it worth it to go to the vet?
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Do not make him vomit whatever you do unless he is under veterinary supervision as he could choke. This happened to a friend of ours whose dog ate a slipper. Dog survived as wife was a nurse but had throat damage for quite a while. Monitor to see what comes out in your dogs poop. But unless you can gather all the piece you may have to take the dog for xrays etc and possible surgery as any foreign body stuck anywhere in the digestive track can lead to rupture or blockage and death. Pets are wonderful but you have to always be prepared that they will do crazy things and it will cost money.
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