My brother is going to Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'Home Defense/Guns' started by Tonya, Nov 21, 2006.

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    I just got word that my brother from Springfield, IL is going to Kansas for 3 months to train to go to Afghanistan for a full year. He'll go to KS in Dec. then to Afghanistan in Feb/March.

    He's leaving his wife and two kids. Their daughter is a sophmore in high school and their boy is in 7th grade.

    He's a Colonel now. Hopefully he won't be on the front lines too much.

    Can you send up a prayer for Kyle, Alisa, Nicole and Ross?

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    His exposure to front lines are in direct relationship to his MOS (Military Occupational Specality). If he is a Tank Commander, yes he will see up close stuff, if he is a Supply Officer it will be unlikely. What is his job?

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    Tell your brother "good luck and stay safe."