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I sold my last 2012 heifer, that makes three in three months.
But we're so happy with the homes our girls got!

DQ went to a lovey lady that wanted fresh raw milk for her 1 1/2 year old daughter, she and her husband raise custom beef and she grew up on a dairy farm, so she knows her way around cows.

Pumpkin is living with a girl just starting her own herd, who bought Pumpkin and liked her so well that a week later came back for one of our bull calves to grow for a cleanup bull:happy2:

Elf's new boss is wonderful! Truly a family farm (you don't see many of those anymore) she and her mother do the milking, 54 head (a very nice size farm for a cow to live on). Father and two brothers do field work. Oh and ALL their cows have names.
I liked Moonpie :happy2:


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