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My computer has been 'down' for a few days so I've been perusing some books I hadn't gotten too. In one book I found a page or two about using mulberry leaf for sugar control.

It seems its such a popular remedy in Japan that CocaCola adds it to a formula they call "Pocket Doctor".

I've been having a lot of problems with my blood sugar of late. So I had my husband go out and pick the greenest, cleanest leaves from the mulberry tree in our yard. I took a blood glucose reading - it was 254 (after meal). I ate a medium sized mulberry leaf. (It taste like lettuce.) One hr later I rechecked my blood sugar - it had dropped to 130.

I was pretty impressed, so next meal I ate a leaf before eating. My sugar never rose above 134.

I will continue experimenting with this remedy. The book suggest 2 grams of dried leaf per day. I haven't gotten to drying the leaves yet.

There have been some studies comparing mulberry extract to glyburide where mulberry extract was more effective by some 30 points on average. It also positively effects blood lipids. (Glyburide has little effect on me.)

My local health food store had never heard of its use, and could find no source for ordering the dried leaf.

Just thought this information was worth sharing, and wondered if any of you had any experience with this herb?

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