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Once upon a time we had a selfpropelled Troybilt sickle bar mower, 40 some inch bar - parts are no longer available - that worked only OK to mow the 2 or so acres that we try to keep looking like something other than scrub, out of our 20 acres of southern Indiana hillside and creek .

Dang thing had a lot of design problems -- cut saplings fine, but blackberries and especially tall grass got tangled in the chain drive of the wheels, and old hidden t posts and barbed wire were hell on the blades :)

Tractor with pull behind mower is not an option as the spaces are tight and terrain is uneven. We have a neighbor mow the 5 acres of flat pasture when it needs it, but edges along the creek, around the barn, and the orchard need more than a 22 " lawnmower and a Weed whacker. Terrain has enough slope and unevenness that I would be charry of a lawn tractor.

Any suggestions as to what equipment might meet our needs ? We need to replace the WeedWhacker, and find something more robust than a standard 20-22 " lawnmower.

Goats are not an option - too expensive to feed to the coyotes and wandering dogs, also goats would not thrive in our erratic work/travel schedules.

Thanks in advance,

Sara in IN

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Here's a link: DR Brush Mower

You can get attachments for these mowers including snowblower, snowblades, lawn mowing decks and weed whips.

BCS tractors are alive and well, and are an old line company. They have a sicklebar mower that should make an excellent replacement for you.

In addition to the sicklebar mower, you can get roto-tillers and other attachments. Evan a baler for hay. Not sure though that the baler is a BCS product, or a product of a company in Italy. Companies in Italy make a lot of small equipment. BCS also has a rotary mower as an accessory.

If you are interested, I would recommend that you spend the higher dollars and get several speeds in the transmission. I think 3 is standard, 5 optional with the larger horsepower model.

Besides, blue is a pretty color and should be a good selling point.
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