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Moving to Maryland

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HI All,

This morning I had a call from my hubby in Iraq. He just found out that he won't be returning to Ft, Bragg, NC but will be relocating to Aberdeen, Maryland!

We hope to find a place with at least a couple of acres within about an hour's driving distance form the base. If anyone here knows the area we would appreciate any information about properties you might know of that are for sale and what to expect as far as taxes. It looks pretty built up and expensive from what I've been able to look at on the web.

United Country Real Estate doesn't cover Maryland. Does anyone know of another site with pictures of properties in the area?

We have to be moved by September 21st.

We have a small herd of goats, a pony, 5 dogs, chickens, pigeons and rabbits.

Any info is much appreciated. This isn't the news I was hoping for but at least we don't have to drag our menagerie across the country. We can move them in a couple of trips.

Thanks in advance,

Pigeon Lady
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Long and Foster Bel Air Maryland ( a real estate link)

Aberdeen is great. It is located in Harford County. Above are some useful links, I hope they help. Aberdeen is about 15 miles from me. Need any more help just PM me
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Well, you sure don't want to raise and eat anything around the Proving Grounds. They are still find old ammo and chemical dumpsites around the base. I have heard the cancer rate is unusually high in the Aberdeen area.

Havre de Grace is just up the road and is a very nice area. You also might want to consider Pennsylvania and Deleware too. We currently live in MD and are buying a farm just over the state line in PA largely because the costs are lower and it's been easier to find ag zoned land.

Thanks for your replies!

Kathy I sent you a PM.

Jim I was thinking about just over the border too. I don't know how long of a drive it would be to the base. Right now I'm thinking about out toward Whiteford or up around Elkton. I see there's a big farm supply in Whiteford so that's a good sign.

Hubby was up there in school a couple of years ago and told me about the polution problems and all the chemicals they are finding. I must say I'm not happy that we have to go there but he's been assigned a position as an instructor at the base which means that he won't be deployed again! He retires in 2006. We've been married 10 years and when I calculated up all the deployments he's been gone 6 years! If he was returning here to Ft. Bragg we have no doubt that he would be heading back to Iraq within 6 months! So we can't complain. Our 8 year old son really needs his Dad.

I sure hope we can find a homestead somewhere up there with a small pasture for our pony. The price of houses is just about double what we would have to pay down here.

He'll be home on leave soon so we will try to take a trip up there to look around.

Thanks again. Keep us in mind if you see any "For Sale " signs out in the sticks!

Pigeon Lady
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Hi we sorta live in the area you are looking in.We live in Freeland which is west of area you will be in. Yes prices will be very high,have you considered renting instead? I only ask this because of the prices of land. Our place is 5 ac. and has doubled in value in 7 yrs,we could never afford to buy now. I know of a place for rent in an area called Hereford I know they allow livestock there too. Look on a map and see how far that would be from his work. PM and I'll help you all I can. I could also help you look around the area if you come into town.
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