Moving milking times??

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by sheepmom, Jan 13, 2005.

  1. sheepmom

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    Ok, assuming I buy cow #2....

    She is used to being milked around 430 and 430?

    I need to milk around 545 and 545....I'm not home til about 530 and I want to leave a little bit of time for error....

    How to do this with the least distress to Blossom (her new name)?
  2. Christina R.

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    Apr 22, 2004
    Northern Arizona
    I have so little experience, so I hope someone who knows something gives you real advice, however, this is what I've read and what I do. (of course, there is a difference....since when does literature ever match up to real world practice?). I've read that you bump up or down the times about 15 minutes a day until you get to the time you want.

    What real life has dictated that I do (on weekends, over Christmas break, etc.) is I milk her at 5:30 - 6:00am on weekdays when I work and about 6:30-7:00 am on Sat and Sun (because I'm a lazy farmer?!). Obviously I'm not bumping up the times, on Fri. I'm out there by 5:45, but on Sat I'm probably out there by 6:45. At night, last minute phone calls by a kid to get picked up or a meeting at school or, or, or .... means I try to milk by 5:30 pm, but there have been evenings that I've milked at 6:30 and some that I've started milking at 4:30 so I can have her milked before I have to go to somewhere.

    With all this in mind, my gal has never had mastitis or a fit because I'm late, but she isn't going through the stress of changing owners and adapting to a new home. You might want to do the slow change method. My point is changing milking times with one cow hasn't been the crisis for me that I thought it was going to be. Going into this I thought if I was 5 minutes late, the poor gal would get sicker than anything and I'd be ruining her quarters.

    PS I'm glad you're going with option 2, she seemed like the one I'd want (hand milked, no horns). Good Luck!

  3. Horace Baker

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    Nov 22, 2004
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    I have never had a problem from varying milking times, even day to day. I don't milk 12 hours apart, either. I think the more you feed for production, the more important regularity becomes.
  4. KesWindhunter

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    Jun 29, 2004
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    Just do it. Especially this late in her lactation, its not gonna matter too much. Sometimes I get home from town an hour or so late, and get more milk at that milking and less the next morning (makes sense). But by the following day...lactation is back to normal. Some purists are gonna shake their heads at this, but for a farm milker that isnt being pushed in production, a little leeway in milking time has never produced bad results for me, ie. mastitis, marked lower milk production. Been doing it for 20 years (of course that doesnt make it right...)

    Also, Blossom probably isnt gonna milk as heavy as she was at her previous home for a while until she settles into her new home.

    Congratulations on door #2!

  5. evermoor

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    Nov 20, 2004
    Did you say she was only giving 11# a day and mid to late lactation. I would only milk her once a day. It really isn't going to hurt her, may slightly increase chance for mastitis or lower her production, but man is it easier on you. For awhile I was trying to schedule milking between jobs, kids, and other commitments, and trying not to fall asleep at the wheel. On occassion I would skip a milking and since the girls were not milking over 40# It didn't hurt too much( granted it was two late lactation cows). The milk tester has a herd that milks every 18 hours. It is a grazing herd that everyone goes dry regardless of production in November. Then they calve back in March and April. Granted he has a good job and doesn't have a lot of money tied into the operation. Lastest word was he may disperse because the wife doesn't want to milk the occasional miday milking. I prefer twice day milking but by no means is it every 12 hours , I just can't be here or awake or the kids, ect. Trust me the cow should be fine with a little bit flexible schedule.
  6. JeffNY

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    Dec 13, 2004
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    You can move her times. If she is milking 1hr and 15 minutes before the time you want to milk, that wont hurt her. One you sync her to your time, she will adjust. Just because she is ready at 4:30 now, will only make her think, oh gee its milking time! But nothing happening. They do adjust, and will psychologically know when its time to milk etc. Cows will wait near the door of the barn when its time to milk, or around the time to come in, because its their routine.

  7. Valmai

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    Sep 29, 2004
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    Milking your cow 15 to 45 minutes later than usual would not be a problem. Where I milk we have 4 mobs of 300. Each mob takes (at peak season) 1 1/2 hrs to milk. One day cow x maybe first onto the platform next day she may be last. If you milk only once a day you MUST milk every day. As the season progresses we change start times for milking by 1/2 hr each time eg 4.30am start of season by end of season its 5.30 or 6am. Its not a problem for the cows. Right now we are doing 6am and 3pm starts, so it doesnt have to be exactly 12 hrs apart.
  8. largeanivet

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    Jan 16, 2005
    This guy is correct your not milking 1000 cows at 90 lbs of milk each day JUST DO IT. She will be fine if you where changeing her 5 hrs then you may have to work your way into it but for an hour JUST DO IT.. Hay DO THE DUE OR MILK.. Your fine its an hour. Have fun
    Scott DVM...
  9. jerzeygurl

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    Jan 21, 2005
    no biggy, as long as she is stripped out every time. i wish i could get out there the same time every day but i dont, she will adjust quickly
  10. tyusclan

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    Jan 1, 2005
    I agree with the others. Forty-five minutes won't make a bit of difference. When we were milking our milking times varied more than that from day to day some times.