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Thursday is the big day. All the steers calves (And a few heifers) are heading for the sale barn. Which means that we moved them and their mamas today. It was about a 3 mile trek. Now, Thursday morning we should be able to get an early start and have them into town before noon. Fingers crosses that they stay where we put them, and don't break out into the bigger pasture....

Here's a few photos, and for anyone who wants, here is a link to some videos.

There's a really big hill that we like to avoid so rather than take the cows down the road, we circle the hill and the slough at the bottom, and use the neighbours field instead. Less chance of meeting a vehicle over the top of the hill..

Once we get around the hill, we rejoin the road.

Moving down the road towards the yard, and the rest of the cows.

Around the corner towards the gate.

The girls that had the heifers on them. We weaned all the replacements on Monday. The rest will go to the sale barn with the steers Thursday.
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