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Moving a pig

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I have a 150+ Jullian pig, who I need to move from Eugene, Oregon to Ellensburg, Washington.
I only have a car and dont have a horse trailer.
What other safe options could I use?
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I think that you're overthinking this.
I used to own a Mazda MX-6, two door, smaller than your car. I once hauled a calf in the backseat! The looks I got from folks as I was driving up the freeway, were priceless BTW. People took pictures, laughed, gave me strange looks. It was really fun.

Anyway, I used to haul pigs in the trunk of this same car. It will be dark in the trunk, from my experience the piggies just lay down and go to sleep. The temp won't be too bad If you are running your air conditioner, the ambient car air helps cool the trunk. If you are super worried you could crate the pig and fold the back seats down in your car to accommodate the crate.

Or put a harness on your pig and tie her in the back.
Years ago I had a Datsun auto. Hauled pigs in a cardboard box in the back seat. Those were fun trips.
Has this adventure happened yet?
I now have a truck. I have hauled some big loads in my pickup. I made side boards and put a top on the side boards. When not in use I take it off. I have a metal tube frame for the truck but don't use it unless I hall cattle. Its an old one that a fellow made. Has a roll up door in the back. I traded two Sows for it.
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