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Morning Break, join me!

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Hello and Good Sunday Morning Everybody!
I am taking a break to enjoy my fav coffee. We try not to do much beyond church and chores on Sundays. It is brisk and cold here so I am going to relax with a hot cup for a bit. How is your morning going? Here my fav cup of the day, made right here at home.

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Good morning to you! I am enjoying my cup of coffee as well before I have to wake up the rest of the family. Sunday is the only day dd's are allowed to sleep this late but they have to get up for church here soon. Dh put in 70 hours at work this week so he's sleeping in until his 9:00 conference call this morning. Me, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning and the raspberry white chocolate creamer I bought for my coffee yesterday. Hope your Sunday is a great one!
1 - 1 of 19 Posts
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