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Morning Break, join me!

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Hello and Good Sunday Morning Everybody!
I am taking a break to enjoy my fav coffee. We try not to do much beyond church and chores on Sundays. It is brisk and cold here so I am going to relax with a hot cup for a bit. How is your morning going? Here my fav cup of the day, made right here at home.

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Our newly diabetic cat, Silver, woke me up this morning, sharpening her toes on a wicker cabinet in my bedroom. She can't do *much* damage, as she has no claws on the front, but she wouldn't quit, and I was listening to fibers tear. Her plan was clearly to wake me up. But after I hollered at her, I went back to sleep. *hah, take that!*

A little bit later I got up and used the restroom. She wants to come sit on me. I can see it in her eyes. She has tried it before. I think I will start closing the door on her. Wee pest.

She was a giant pain, got underfoot every step, kept up an incessant yapyapyap while i got her shot and her food ready. Constantly underfoot. Then she wiggled excessively during her shot. Afterward, she snubbed the food (!!), :nono: then she came and sat on me while I was coffee-ing and online.

God knows this is why people have outdoor cats! :shrug:

Then I shredded taters for DH and my breakfast (no blood from shredded knuckles!) (woot!) and fried up them and some eggs and made fresh coffee.

I have some gift-wrapping, some clothes-finding and some crap-stashing to do today. Oh, and I think I should chase that cat around, yeah!
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