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Morning Break, join me!

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Hello and Good Sunday Morning Everybody!
I am taking a break to enjoy my fav coffee. We try not to do much beyond church and chores on Sundays. It is brisk and cold here so I am going to relax with a hot cup for a bit. How is your morning going? Here my fav cup of the day, made right here at home.

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I was born on Ellsworth A.F.B. in Rapid City! Yep, S.D. is not a place for sissie's!

Ashtina98: raspberry white chocolate? YUM!
Well hello Ann!
It has been awhile! Say, how old would you say my turkeys are now? They are getting to be a nice size. Still holding out to see what is a Tom and what is a Hen! I think I may have a clue though. My break was long over and I must go back out again. Have a great day everybody, thanks for sharing a cup with me.
WIHH i just love your posts!
1 - 4 of 19 Posts
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