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More school talk!!!!!

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Went to an awards ceremony this morning at the el. school for my 5th grader. Last year (4th grade) He was straight A honor Roll. Well the award ceremony was for the ST testing they do every year. It turned out that my boy was the only student they had in 4th grade who tested DESTINGUISHED in Math, Reading, and Science!!!!! Oh WOW I have a NERD!!!! I am so proud, my husband and I neither one are that smart! Sorry But I am about to bust TODAY! The oldest one fought all through el, because of ADHD. So we knew he was smart but he would not show us how smart. Finally got his first straight A report card this last grading period (8th Grade) I am bouncing up and down!!!!!!!:bouncy
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Congratulations to you and your sons. It's a great feeling, isn't it? :)

I've found that my kids loved high school more than elem. and middle school because they had more choice in what classes they could take. Hopefully your 8th grader will be the same way and his good grades will be a reflection of this.
Congratulations to you and your son!
A very big congratulations to the boys and you and hubby.
Congratulations! Some kids need more time to hit their stride. I'll bet you worked with your adhd son and now it's helping. Also, many kids' adhd improves wth age and they do much better later in school.
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