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more colorful kit pictures

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They are three weeks old now, and exploring the pen. I put them in the box so I could get a family picture

Here are three with Mom

And Dad - he is a real attention hound

And here are some up close

First the two black spotted ones

The solid black
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Here are the three harlequin - they are more colorful in person.

and I think these ones are broken magpie - I love the spots

And the tri-color
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What beautiful colors! Maybe it's a good thing that all but one of my crosses are solid blue/black (the other is a broken--looks almost like an English spot, just like mom). With all those colors, I'd want to keep them all!
I don't know about the rest of you, but that little tri-color has to be just the cutest thing I've ever seen. The spotted ones are running a close second. :)
My goodness! They are all so cute that it is hard to decide. The tricolour is super, but I have a weakness for those harlequins! And then the tiny speckles of the brokens are just so cute... like freckles! What a super litter!
OOOoooOOO!!! and I want the one that looks like a PANDA!!

What lovely babies :) Mine still look like little rhinos...cute but not CUTE yet.
I've been toying with the idea of introducing color variety into my herd. All white is so BORING. But I could never eat such cutie pies. I'm sticking w/boring. Yours are adorable! I mean, beyond belief adorable.
Beautiful kits!

OH WHY does South Dakota have to be SO far from Texas ???? Those babies are adorable ..... I want ..... I want .... hahahahah
Im with turtlehead- those are super cute and Id have a hard time sending any to camp!

Im handling our Cal/NZ cross most days, and theyre almost too cute.
wow they have to be about the cutest popples I've ever seen
I have to say, I'm looking at those prescious bunnies and thinking about breeding a pair I have to see if I can get similar results. Those rabbits are way too precious! I can't stop LOOKING!!!!!!
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