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    Aug 3, 2005
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    I think I brought this up once before, but I was wondering if anybody knows if this has any potential to work. Many types of birds will pick-up ants and rub them all over their feathers to encourage the ants to spray formic acid on them. It is deadly to mites. They just drop off dead. Most birds like to dust themselves to gain the benefits of ants spraying them. What if you could place formic acid on something that the bees have to brush against on their way into the hive? I don't think that formic acid has any effect on other insects.
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    Apr 10, 2006
    dear woodspirit,
    I do not have any experience myself, but a couple of years ago I watched a programm on just that, and yes, the apiarist was using the acid to destroy the mites. I seem to remember that he spayed it on something like a papertowel and laid it over the hive. supposedly it worked well, at least that was claimed, I can neither verify nor vouch.
    we just got started with bees (again) when we first kept bees there was no Varroa around.

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    You can buy formic especially for beehives. It's allowed to evaporate in the hive and the vapors kill the mites. Get the vapor too strong and kiss your bees goodbye too. Even when it's done right some brood is usually lost.