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Missing out on a $$ making opportunity??

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Check out this posting on ebay:

The guy is selling (or trying to) composted elephant manure. Now, hmmm, I could bag up all the goat, sheep, rabbit, horse, goose, chicken, duck, etc droppings, mix them and sell them as a smorgasbord of manure and make a fortune!! Hah, just thought you all could use a chuckle. Jan in CO
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Hey Jan, you never know, you might have something there. :haha: Gourmet Exotic Manure for the discriminating consumer. I saw in some magazine where a lady was bagging and selling her tumbleweeds all over the just might be on to something. :yeeha: Marilyn, the farmer's wife..........PS you want some llama raisins? I have a boat load. :D
I sell worm crap at $20 per 1 gallon bucket and thats cheap.
I saw manure selling for $7 a bag, a bag that probably only had two shovel fulls in it, at K-mart recently.


All I know is someone is laughing all the way to the bank while others are diverted, laughing at the idea. Same thing for bottled water…
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