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Permission to Crosspost Far & Wide !!!

Fellow Rescuers & Animal Lovers:

Honey was en route to her new home on a large pet transport this afternoon,
Fri Aug 3 when she broke out of her kennel, escaped through an open window,
& jumped out onto Interstate-81 near mile marker 15 northeast of Knoxville,
TN. Miraculously, she wasn't hit by any incoming cars & disappeared into the
woods. The closest nearby town was Morristown, TN.

Honey is a 2-3 yrs. old female mixed breed weighing about 55 lbs. She LOVES
tennis balls. If you find her, she will probably be scared but if you have a
tennis ball on hand you'll probably have a really good chance of catching
her. Honey was wearing a red collar with a new TN rabies tag. She was
recently spayed (actually, she was already spayed but vets didn't figure
that out until they opened her up again). :( Regardless, she has a fresh
wound on her belly which may be sensitive to the touch. She is friendly &
gets along great with other dogs.

If found, please contain her carefully as she is a master escape artist
(obviously!), then contact Margo at 901-767-7772 or
<mailto:[email protected]> [email protected]

Please forward this email to any rescue groups in & around the Knoxville, TN
area & beyond. THANK YOU!!!

Amy Shaver, Assistant Director/Foster Home Coordinator
Humane Society of Clarksville-Montgomery Co.

3,779 Posts
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Kstornado11 said:
How sad,I know how it feels,our Pyr Isaiah went missing on the night of July 4th,no trace of him still. :Bawling:
Do you know what color(s) she is? Is she short haired,long haired,etc? What is her body type,ears upright,droopy,etc? That may be off some help.
Unfortunately, I don't know - I received this post in another group I'm in & copied it as it was
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