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Missed labour? or false alarm

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Hi there,
Just hoping for a bit of advice: We've recently adopted a heavily pregnant ewe (most likely twins with the size of her). I noticed her in the paddock 2 days ago, separated from the rest of the herd, lying in the sun, frequently licking her lips and had a bright bloody stringy mucous hanging from her rear. I definitely thought she was in labour, she was pacing and bleating every now and then. By the late afternoon she just stopped "labouring", joined the herd and carried on eating and being completely normal. I've been checking on her frequently since and she is acting completely normal: eating plenty, walking around, staying with the herd. I'm worried that there may have been a complication with labour and the lambs were lost and stuck inside her. But on the other hand I may have just been peaking too early and perhaps she will labour in the coming days. She is very suspicious so getting close to her is difficult, but no bad smell so far. But a small additional amount of bright bloody mucous again today. Has anyone else have an experience like this? or any advice?
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Catch her as soon as possible. Take her to a veterinarian.
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