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I have had a few problems with bull fertility and with lambs and a calf in the past who had white muscle disease, I know our property must be low in it. They get normal minerals and kelp, but I'm wondering if some type of selenium would be good? I haven't supplemented with extra due to the danger of overdosing, and my vet is not offering much help re. minerals as he figures an all around mineral block should be enough. In selenium deficient areas, we used to offer selenium salt blocks - would that be a danger? Is it offering much selenium or am I really just paying for a colored salt block? How else could I offer it safely?
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About the only way to know what is in a mineral would be to check the feed tag. Hard to tell otherwise. We feed loose mineral with selenium in it. You can try testing the soil or better yet asking neighboring farmers (local dairy farmers would be best to ask in my opinion) about selenium deficiency in their herds.

If you have had white muscle you probably are low in selenium. Just watch the feed tags and get one with selenium in it. My guess is if you bought a mineral with selenium in it you would not have a problem with too much selenium from what you describe...but it is just my opinion and local cattle owners in your area would be a better source of info in this case.
I think the red blocks are worthless. I buy plain salt blocks and use loose mineral for minerals.

Another person you might want to ask is the local feed store. Don't let him sell you the most expensive thing he has, but he probably knows what is needed in your area.

I'm i Washington state and we have low selenium soils. I use a salt block, it's a creamy tan color. I have not had any problems for lack of selenium with the salt blocks. With a block a cow will not consume enough to overdose on the selenium.

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