milking equipment suppliers?

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  1. I'm building up my supplies I hope to get my goats this next year and thought I'd find out who and where to get parts for a surge milker and just general equipment needed..Also thinking of getting a pasturiser ..
    Is there a good place to buy renet for cheeses?
    Also if anyone is looking to sell a sweet doe in AL that has been milked I'd love to give her a home:) with a promise not to sell her:)
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    Try Westwood here on this board, he does very good work and is reasonable.'re in AL right? Try Dween Muse, they sell milking equipment and do repairs. I don't have her information, but I am sure someone does, I can't recall the website or farm name, dag, hate senior moments! Try e-bay for a pasturizer or else Linda Campbell over at she sells an awesome pasturizer called a Weck Canner. I had one and loved it.

    I bought my rennet from Hoeggers, they are great to work with and very helpful, I actually got a cheese making kit. You can get rennet from Leeners too, and they have tons of recipies on their website. Heres another link too:

    Hope this helps.


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    OH thankyou!! I think I found a good deal on a surge and need the parts or someone to redo it!! think I might try it myself :D
    I really needed those links I was having a terrible time!

    And what is the deal! I have just logged in *finally * and have tried for days!!
    Ohh I am getting so excited!! I found an older man and woman who retired from the goat milking business and I really want to go pick their brain!!(not like I am getting into a *business* but all the little things would be nice to know!!
    If any of the posters have Dween MUSE (hmm better do another thread)
    Thankyou Bernice!