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Hi Jim,
this may depend on a number of factors, I'm guessing you mean grain? I'll tell you what I do, as I don't know all your details. I'm sharing my milking with the calf, so I just take some and the calf gets the rest. I'm getting a quart from one quarter and I can get that day and evening, so for the sake of math I'm just gonna say that each teat is giving me the same so I'm getting a gallon a.m and p.m. Now, I feed about a half bale of hay split morning and evening and after that I give 3 of the small coffe cans of 16% Dairy ration again morning and evening. My Dexter is a Long Leg and quite tall. Not sure if this helps any, hope so. You should also go to there is a big discussion on hand milking as well as many other Dexter topics there. Also, do ask the people you are getting them from, what they are eating and also how much, if you can, buy a bale of hay from them to mix with your hay, then there wont be such a change for them.

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