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Milk still tastes yucky!!!

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It's day 8 since freshening and Lightning's milk still tastes yucky! I'm getting so impatient. :flame: Is this normal? I've heard of people drinking it at 4-5 days. I think it's better than it first was but it still has a kind of rotting, off taste to it.

I keep milking her and waiting........she gave a pound and a half just this morning. It's not wasted b/c I'll give it back to her buck once we pull him off and bottle feed him. But when can WE drink it?

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I just thought I would add one thing. You might think this sounds kinda funny but I listened to a talk show on the radio or maybe it was on TV. Anyway, it was all about how to properly store your items in the fridge. The woman said that most people don't realze that the BOTTOM of the fridge is actually the coldest and is the best place for milk. OK, most fridges are not designed for this if you have gallon jugs but if you can rearrange your fridge, it is true and will keep milk colder. It wouldn't be a problem with mason jars though, right? Also, just FYI, she also said not to store apples with other fruits because apples have something in them that will cause your other fruit to spoil quicker. Interesting huh? She suggested putting the apples on the top somewhere. Those are the two tips that stuck with me. So, I rearranged my fridge. I now have the milk in the middle b/c I couldn't get it arranged any better. Milk is usually heavier too do it makes it easier to not have to lift it UP into the fridge. I can't wait until my Saanens are in milk. I'm not milking anybody right now. Sigh.....
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I personally can't drink alpine milk as it just has a weird flavor to me. And after having an alpine for about a year and LOVING her milk, my parents got a saanen and now arent sure how they ever liked their alpine milk. HAHA! They just use it for cheese and drink only the saanen milk now. I had been telling them all along and my brother refused to drink their goats milk cause of the flavor when they just had the alpine. Then he stayed the night here and drank my milk and just loved it. He then told my parents that he wanted a saanen because they had good milk. So they got him one and low and behold I'm not crazy. LOL! But I know there are some that just love the alpine milk but maybe she just doesn't settle with your pallet? Just a thought.
I know there are some that just love the alpine milk but maybe she just doesn't settle with your pallet? Just a thought>>>

Oh....please don't tell me that. LOL! Lightning has half alpine in her. Maybe I'm just spoiled by my Kinder milk? I know when we were milking the two kinders I was in heaven. And I am a store bought skim milk convert. When we added our Nubian doe to the mix I could tell the difference, but I still liked it fine.

When at four days past kidding we tasted Lightning's milk. Yuck! A spoiling meat kind of thing. Bad after taste. Gradually, it has lessened. Last night I thought for a second the milk tasted good....then I got the slight after taste. This morning (day 12).......I tasted. I waited. No aftertaste! What? I think we're getting there. I'm going to wait until it's nice and cold, cold, cold and take a big ole' swig. I'm hopeful! I still don't think I'll like it as much as the Kinders, but I'll be happy if it's like our purebred Nubian's or close--since we mix them all together anyway.

So....a combination Alpine blood and it just taking a loooong time to transition over? Still sending the sample off for mastitis testing--just in case.

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Ok, thread drift a bit but I think Nubian and LaMancha milk is the best....creamier and sweeter. Kinders, being derived from Nubians would be good to, I would imagine. LaManchas are a relatively new breed and are derived from several of the common breeds along with an earless Spanish breed. And then there is the MiniMancha, good LaMancha milk with good Nigie milk...what a combo. This makes me thirsty.
Well, it's been a full two weeks now and the verdict is in. Lightning's milk now tastes dang good. Hmmm.....I still don't think it's quite as good as the thick, creamy Kinder milk, but it's just as good as our Nubians (she's a nubian/alpine cross). The after taste is now completely gone. :hobbyhors

I don't think it was ever a case of subclinical mastitis. I say that b/c she had no symptoms, and the milk started out nasty with a distinct taste. That taste gradually lessened until it was gone.

Now I know that colostrum is not produced for more than a few days. So....why does this happen? Just curious. She is a FF, but I don't know what that has to do with it either. At any rate.......we can drink it now! Yeah! :baby04:

I may have missed it,but did anyone mention when a goat is nervous or chased around before being caught they will tend to have off flovored milk.
With first frsheners I don't save the milk untill they learn to relax.
In Vo-Ag we had been taught to let an animal wait for an hour before milking if you have things like onion in the pasture.Also it seems to me like when i let them eat alfalfa before milking it has a slight taste! :shrug:
I'm old fashioned,but in the olden days ;) we put the milk cans in the ice rimmed cooler to draw off the animal flavour while cooling.And i still do that with a container of ice water in the basement fridge.
When I only air cool in the fridge I get a scum on the milk which I think prevents the odor/taste from leaving the milk like putting a lid on would prevent the animal taste from being drawn off.
Has anyone else found this to be true????
By the way Vickie is right about no colostrum after 3 days.If there is any it is so minimal as to be of very little value as colostrum!
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