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Milk still tastes yucky!!!

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It's day 8 since freshening and Lightning's milk still tastes yucky! I'm getting so impatient. :flame: Is this normal? I've heard of people drinking it at 4-5 days. I think it's better than it first was but it still has a kind of rotting, off taste to it.

I keep milking her and waiting........she gave a pound and a half just this morning. It's not wasted b/c I'll give it back to her buck once we pull him off and bottle feed him. But when can WE drink it?

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Just a few things that we do (and notice the difference if we don't):

Always milk into stainless steel, do NOT use a plastic milk bucket. No matter how clean you think plastic is, it's not.

We clean our SS bucket with a milk stone remover & acid rinse solution. Let air dry.

Filter milk immediately.

Store in clean glass jars in the fridge. Again, don't use plastic.

Store milk in the coldest part of the fridge. The door is NOT the coldest part, just the most convenient.

Keep the udder shaved and keep the buck out of the barn.
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