Merida overwintering carrots

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    Figured I'd start a thread on these, never heard of them before. Anyone tried them? Would this work with "regular" carrots?

    <<(F1) 240 days. This exciting selection fills a harvest slot all its own. We conducted overwinter carrot trials for several years looking for a variety that can be planted in late September/early October for harvest May through June. Merida can be grown without cover in zones 6 and above, but may need a covering of 6-12 inches of straw in colder zones. Merida exhibits extraordinary resistance to bolting, and produces sweet, bright orange carrots 1-1 1/2 inches across and 7-8 inches long, ending in the characteristic blunt Nantes tip. Also well suited to spring and summer plantings. >>
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    Yes, with reservations. The supposed slowness to bolt to seed is the only difference between that and a "regular" carrot. Note that any zone colder than 6 needs a lot of mulch. 6 to 12 inches will assure any carrot's survival. We had a crazy tradition that began more than 30 years ago. We set up 12" high vinyl siding as walls on each side of a short carrot row and filled it with maple leaves. On 20 January, my son's birthday, we dug fresh carrots. For years after, we always had fresh carrots on this date. (No exception this year as they are in their own little root cellar.) Later, became lazy and simply laid half-filled wide bags of leaves over them. As long as there was enough mulch to prevent the ground from freezing, the carrots were available right up to time for planting more.


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    Zone 8- a/b uncertain- and we don't need mulch or any particular breed of carrot to plant in September and harvest from January on- I'm doing it now! Just picked the breeds that look tasty, no concern re hardiness.
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    2006 was my first year with carrots. Just regular carrots bought from Wal-Mart (cheapest available). They came up and were looking good until the drought got em. I thought they had died actually, but then I saw their fern tops reappear in September. We have picked them off and on, I haven't noticed any bitter taste. Some of them were overgrown and split at the top, but not all of them. And I haven't seen any out there since this last freeze, (2 weeks ago) but I believe there are still some out there! lol. (beets too, lol) .... oh ..... and I'm zone 6 or 7 (kinda right on the line)