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Merck Veterinary Manual

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I bought the Merck Veterinary Manual. And it has helped a little but I really don't understand all the information. Is there a similar type book or web site that tells it in just plain english I can understand? Thanks
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I know a good vet is not always available. My vet is THE BEST!! She will answer questions on the phone, she knows the limits of my vetting skills, when she needs to come out and when she doesn't. She doesn't break the bank with her fees. I love my vet!

So, if you don't have a good vet...

I dunno' what to tell you.

You can often find information by googling symptoms or the disease itself (if you know what it is), but a misdiagnosis can lead to disaster.

See if your local library can get you a loan copy of the following to look at. If you like them, you may be able to find them on or a similar place:

A Veterinary Guide for Animal Owners by C. E. Spaulding, D.V.M. Probably the best of the lot.

Keeping Livestock Healthy: A Veterinary Guide by N. Bruce Haynes, D.V.M. Also good.

Herbal Handbook for Farm & Stable by Juliette de Bairacli Levy.

A Veterinary Guide for Farmers by G. W. Stamm.

Caring for Livestock: A Veterinary Handbook by Jaime Isaac Reibel.

If you specialize in one breed then those by Interstate Press may be of interest. Most are authority by M.E. Ensminger or his son. Examples are Beef Cattle Science, Swine Science, Sheep & Gaot Science, etc. These are written in textbook form.

Ken S. in WC TN
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I really liked Edgar Schaeffer's "Homeopathy for the Herd." It's available from Acres USA at

It won't teach you specific ailments to treat as much as guide you in a methodology.
Get yourself a copy of Taber's cyclopedic medical dictionary. With it you can figure out just about everything that you find in your Merck Manual. While it is slanted toward human use most of the terminology, definitions, and explanations are applicable to animals. Anything you can't figure out is probably beyond your capability to attempt. I bought both Taber's and the Merck Manual at the suggestion of my vet. They have paid for themselves many times over, either by being able to do something myself, knowing when to call the vet, and being able to keep an animal going until the vet arrived.
I have been using my Tabers for the past 22 years! (I bought it when I was in nursing school) I also have my Vet Merck Manuel. Both are great references.
Thank you all so much. I finally got to go spend some time at the library and check out all the info. It was a lot of help. I now know I have much to learn and a lot of reading to do. LOL Thanks again.
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