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You sent me a PM asking what chemicals you should be using in the hive right now. I would have sent this in a PM, but your IN box is full!!!

Good question.

I do not use chemicals in my hives so I'm not the one to ask!

I believe most beekeepers put in Api-Strips after they remove the honey supers. From what I'm reading from Better Bee, now is the time to be pulling these strips out of your hives to reduce immunity to the strips.

I think some also add a medicine to their sugar water to help them through the winter - I don't do that either.

I've been able to combat varroa mites by smoking the hives real well with pine needles after the field bees have come in. This causes the bees to groom more which displaces the mites. During the warm weather, I use a bottomless hive so mites fall to the ground.

It's a gamble not to use chemicals, but I don't want my honey exposed to chemicals, nor any mites to become resistant to the chemicals.

I have some URLs on our website where you could find more information.

Best Wishes!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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