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BF is coming over today for a few days. We have discussed previously that he could leave some clothes here so that if anytime he just wants to jump on a plane, he can without worrying.

So yesterday he phoned me up from town. He had gone to buy some underwear to leave here.

So he's browsing the racks and said to me "what size am I" (we've been together since June) I said "how on earth do I know what size you are - you must know what size you normally buy" his reply? "I've never bought my own - I usually get it for Christmas and things"!!!!! He's 44!!!!

I suggested he go to the changing room and look at the label in what he's got on but he had tried that and they didn't have a label in so he had to guess in the end.

I suppose I SHOULD feel reassured that he knew his shoe size to buy socks LOL

What AM I letting myself in for :D


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i was guessing that he was a scots man! until last year i was not aware that there was a difference in mens and ladies work socks!
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