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    About 6 weeks ago one of my angora does had a litter of 8 bunnies.I had her with the male and miraculously they survived with him in there for a day. I have not had her with a male since then and 5 days ago she had 4 more bunnies.The 8 bunnies were still with her when she kindled again. can a rabbit rebreed the same day she had the litter?
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    Jun 18, 2002
    Not only can she rebreed the same day that she kindled, but if you had kept the buck in with her during her pregnancy, she could have gotten pregnant from a later breeding with him, too. With a two-horned uterus, this is entirely possible and has happened.... due to a mistake, I had a doe who delivered two separate litters born two weeks apart from each other.

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    Thanks Pat, I told my husband I thought the two pregnancies could happen but he did not believe me. I am going to give her a rest after this for a couple of months.