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Meeting People and I've Been With This One For 27 Years

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Was out running around yesterday in the middle of nowhere,here comes a Guy wanting to know if I was oneshot(what I go by on another Forum) Yelp! He was from another Forum.

Been married to my woman for 27 years today:banana02::banana02: Told her I was going to take her out to eat money was no object,how ever much she gives me :gaptooth:

She is just sooooo Lucky.

big rockpile
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Happy Anniversary to you both, hope you have a good time.
Happy anniversary. Your wife must be a saint, like the woman my DH married. HINT: he's only been married once.
Tell Tina we all love her. You too, but we love her more. :kiss:

Oneshot? Meaning drinking in moderation?

Happy Anniversary, Tina and Rock
Happy anniversary!

Ha! The first thing that came to mind when I read "oneshot" was "two fingers".

We don't know WHY that would come to mind... :D
Happy, happy Anniversary.. I am sure she thinks you are the luck one!! It is always good to hear happy-with-my-wife posts!
Happy Anniversary to you both. OOhhh, you got me to thinking that hubby and I will be going on 30 this summer. My gosh, where does the time go!
Enjoy that dinner and don't forget the dessert.
Happy anniversary! Are you sure Tina's the lucky one?? :D
Sounds like Tina has found that one person she wants to annoy for the rest of her life.
Happy Anniversary to both of you.
Hey, Rock, happy anniversary to you and Tina. You're a lucky man - I've seen the pics you posted with her working on your rig! :D Not sure how she puts up with you, but I'm glad she does. j/k!:hysterical:
Happy Anniversary Rockpile, to you and your saintly wife...We hit 50 in Feb. Now thats saintly....
Well we went to Applebees.I had Steak they messed up on the order :gaptooth: Yea gave me the more exspensive one :banana02:

We had fun.

big rockpile
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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