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Meet my newest goat (I hope)

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She is an 8 week old pygmy/nigerian. We will probably be picking her up tomorrow, if all works out. Ain't she CUTE?

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PS: what do I need to know about taking care of such a young 'un? She'll be housed with my 10 month old wether, ******. Vet agrees that if Sandy had anything contagious, ****** would have had it, too. We cleaned out all the bedding, etc. ****** was housed in a thrown-together "hobo hut" while Sandy was sick, but he used to push his way in there when I was caring for her and drink out of her bucket, eat with her, etc.
ummmmm...I don't know. (lol). But isn't she cute? (lol). I won't even get to see her parents as this is a meet me halfway drop off thing.
She is supposed to be up on all shots...does that include the ones you mentioned?
OK, she is officially ours. I go for the pick up tomorrow. What do I need for a baby-baby? The owner said I might need to give her a bottle once in a while...a bottle of what? What baby bottle is best? Yikes!
Drown? :(. I hadn't even THOUGHT of that!!! I can see I'll be picking your brains a lot in the next few days...
Thanks guys. I am starting a new post with baby questions. She is waaaaaaaay smaller than she looked in the pic.
1 - 7 of 18 Posts
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