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    Lamb's Quarters: I adore this stuff so much that I let a large patch of it go to seed. I collected a LOT of seeds and plant some every spring for use as a cut and come again green. (I'm careful not to go too crazy eating large amounts of it because of the high oxalic acid content (pretty much same as spinach). Don't want to encourage kidney stones! Cooking in liquid diminishes some of the oxalic acid. It is said that lemon juice will do the same for raw lamb's quarters, but I don't know how true that is.

    If grown in soil with a high nitrogen content, lamb's quarters will accumulate too much nitrate, so I plant the stuff in the poorest soil that I can.

    Newbies: Lambs quarter has a poisonous look-a-like (Nettleleaf goosefoot), so make sure you know what you are harvesting. It may be a good idea to purchase seeds and grow them until you are well acquainted with this useful plant.

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    PrairieClover I have a mullein plant over next to an oak tree that I will harvest some leaves this spring to make some tea. It grows up and down the roads here and right now those tall, brown seed stalks are 4 or 5 ft. off the top of the snow.

    With all the discourse currently on deadly viral infections I want to learn as much as I can to further my family's health. Next year I'll harvest black currant leaves and dry them for wintertime tea. I want to purchase a 4 to 5 foot native birch tree to harvest leaf tips in the future.

    As I learn more about the edibility and health benefits of native plants I am amazed how much opportunity surrounds us... However, we must KNOW exactly what we are ingesting and what possible interactions they may have with RX's.
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