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According to The Stockman's Handbook a 210 hog should hang at 150 pounds and produce 135 pounds of cuts as follows:

Hams - 24
Bacon - 20
Pork Roast - 17
Picnic & Shoulder Butts - 16
Pork Chops - 7
Pork Sausage - 8
Misc. Cuts - 7
Salt Pork - 5
Lard - 31

For larger weights the ratio should remain pretty much the same, although much over 300 pounds and the proportion of lard would increase. Note this does not seem to include the casings, brain, tongue, heart, liver or head cheese. Back when home processors used everything but the squeal, I suspect they would have gotton about 175 pounds of useable products out of that same 210 pound hog.

Does rather sound like you got taken big time.

Ken S. in WC TN
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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