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Matt, I just had three processed and each went between 300 & 325#. My hams weigh approx 30-35# each! So off of one 300# pig I got about 70# of hams well trimmed and skinned. That's almost as much meat as you got off the whole pig! We got 62# of bacon between the three or 20.5 # per pig. So I do think this fellow ripped you off big time.
We got approx 14- 2# packs of pork chops per pig, a lot of pork steak-more than 20 packs per pig plus neck bones, two long racks of ribs, heart, liver, shanks & sausage-lots of sausage which we love! :D
To give you some idea, those three pigs cut & wrapped totally filled a brand new 21 cu ft freezer with two of the hams having to go into another freezer!
It just doesn't make it worth all of the work and expense for the small amount of meat that you got back. I'm sorry your first experience had an unhappy ending. But try again and either do the butchering yourself or find a different reputable place to do it for you.

1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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