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Matt NY said:
How big should the hams be?

This pig went toward 300 pounds. I got 82 pounds of lean. The guy that did it knows that this is my first time, and may have taken advantage of my ignorance. This weight includes all sausage trimmings, but not the fat just the lean.

From what I gather I got about what I was supposed to get in bacon, 18 pounds and 22 pounds of sausage trimmings. 25 ponds in ham seems awful short. He gave me two boneless, leading me to believe that he took alot of ham steaks for himself.
We were new to doing this a couple of years ago and what we did was ask around our area for an honest butcher. Found one who did not sell meat as a sideline. He sold out last year and the new owner does sell meat as a side line We trust? our butcher and usually end up with the right amount of pork as we weigh our hogs before and the cuts after.

Ask around for the references, that is what I suggest as this worked for us.

Good luck next time
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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