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Maybe We Got It Pray!

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Maybe we have finally got our homestead. Old farm that was dw grandfathers in western Ky. 144 Acres pasture and woods with 2 ponds. Has a well with good water and is way off the main road. We are planning on buying a cheap mobile home until we can do better. All depends on if we can sell what we have now. So please pray for us. :)
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Best of luck to you from Windorsun Estate. I started in a 20ft. camper on land with nothing as far as well,septic,power.. Ran jumpers from my car to my camper for tunes,I stayed there for 4yrs. Any way I can help you, just ask..
Best of luck in selling so you can purchase the farm!!! It can sell quickly, our teeny-tiny postage stamp sized first farmette sold in less than a month, so we could purchase this 100 acre piece of heaven, all depends on the Fates and whims of the powers that be....
Western Kentucky is as close to heaven here on earth as you are going to get. You will get a wonderful prayer from everyone who reads your post. I know that you've created a beautiful and positive thought from me today and will be a song in my heart for a long time.
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