Maybe the perfect all around hunting rifle.

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  1. The other day I took my 10 year old daughter squirrel hunting with me. She wasn't quite strong enough to hold my 22 rifle steady in order to dispatch a squirrel, especially if it was high up in a tree. Didn't want to take a chance of the bullet flying off a mile away and hitting something or someone. Well it occured to me "Why don't I teach her to shoot my little shotgun that I received when I was around her age"? Then all she would have to do is shoot close and should be able to hit it. The BB's wouldn't fly too far. So yesterday I dug the rifle out of the closet. I haven't used it in several years. I graduated to other rifles and shotguns that I now use instead. But when I dug this one out of the closet I got to thinking how this was and probably still is the perfect all around hunting gun to own. It is a over and under made by savage. It has a 22 barrel on top and a 20 guage barrel on bottom. The barrels only measure 20 inches long being barely legal to own. It can be used to take rabbits, squirrels, quail, and various other small game animals. All though I never hunted deer with it, it can shoot slugs. I wouldn't advise shooting to many slugs through it or any smooth bore shotguns. But however, a person could during the deer rifle season use only this one gun to hunt with and be able to come home with some type of wild game for the table. How many times have we gone out deer hunting only to see a 101 squirrels skipping all around us, wishing we had a 22 or shotgun.

    Well I got my deer down, now I can polish off a few of these squirrels too.
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    Jun 8, 2002
    A friend of mine has a Savage in 12 gauge and 223. He uses it to hunt chukar and coyotes. That rifle is accurate. I think the rifle barrel supported by the big shotgun barrel cuts down on barrel whip and vibration. We put a low powered scope on it and he got used to shooting flying chukars with it, then he turns up the power for coyotes.

    I know what you mean about suqirrels when hunting deer. But I always tried to get my deer first, then I'd come back to get squirrels later. Out here, there are only pine squirrels and they don't taste good.

    Legal length is 16" for a rifle and 18" for a shotgun, so your combo is far from illegal. But it is a nice length for a kid. The 223-12 combo is longer, maybe 22-24".

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    Mar 6, 2003
    I too have the .22/20ga. savage, and find it to be an ideal gun. I've often thought of doing as you've suggested and take it deer hunting as i'm in a shotgun only part of Wisconsin anyways. I might have to shoot a few slugs through once and see how it shoots with them.

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    Feb 24, 2003
    20ga. by far is the best Deer Gun to me.But I use Muzzleloaders anymore the 50 and 54 Calibers the way I load them,kill just as good as the 20ga.

    big rockpile
  5. Well after posting this thread last night I decided to do a google search on the over-and-under. Wow! Pricey little guns. I had no ideal they were worth so much. $300-350. Of coarse mine may not be worth that much. As I was growing up I done a little art work on the wood. I woodburned a picture of a dog treeing a squirrel up in a tree on one side of the butt and a beagle jumping a rabbit out of the brush on the other side. Also have little quail flying on the forearm peice. I was amazed of the talented art work I performed. It made me wonder why I didn't keep doing it throughout my life.
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    My dad still has the over/under that I used when I was a youngin'. Its a .22/410 I basically had two choices from my dads gun cabinet up until about age 12, the over/under or an old peep sight .22 that was his gandfather's. Both were great beginners guns.

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    Jun 20, 2003
    I have one of the little savage .22/.410's that I've had for over forty years now. Bought it for my wife when we were first married. It now sits out in the barn as my varmint gun. They are great kid's guns if you can assure yourself that the kid is safe with a single shot .22.

    If I were to let a kid use this one I would send him out with the .410 shells and no .22 ammo for a while. Even .22 short shorts can kill a cow if the kid is careless where he aims.
  8. Ox, that is what I'm planning on doing with my daughter and it would be under close supervision. I told her I was going to start calling her the "Eliminator"!
  9. j.r. guerra in s. tx.

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    May 10, 2002
    Outstanding gun, the Savage 24.

    I have two of them myself - one likely the same one r.h. has (24C take-down) the other a modern fiberglass stocked 24F Predator in 30-30/12 gauge. I bought a 30-30 / 20 gauge barrel sleeve for the 20 gauge to expand versatility.

    I'm not surprised about price - you don't see that many offered for sale at gun shows / pawn shops. Considering the design has been in nearly continuous production for 50 + years, you'd think they would be more common. Very useful design.

    This is the gun to take into the woods when you don't care what you bring in, fur or feather, MAN - I'M HONGRY!!! :D Also makes a good varmint gun when calling. Close range - shotgun. Longer range - rifle. A great backup gun to keep in truck in case primary gun goes off the reservation - a single shot could at least keep you in the woods.

    One thing to check if deer hunting in shotgun use only: some game departments make it a point that no rifles will be allowed in woods during season. This might cost you a ticket - check with game department regulations to be sure.

    Great post r.h.
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    Aug 31, 2004
    When my son was twelve I signed him up for the NRA’s hunter’s safety course. It required a shotgun to be brought to the class. Not wanting to give him anything expensive I found my first gun. An Ithaca single shot 20 gage. He and I refinished it and that’s what he learned with. It’s important to teach them young. Now at age 19 I got a call the other day from him and he said he was stopping by to pick up a rifle to go deer hunting. I said OK. When I got home my Sako 30-06 was gone. I guess he also learned good taste.