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Maybe global warming is man-made

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I happened across this article about cloud seeding equipment and how the technique has been in use for several years.

"In the Upper Colorado River Basin, Utah and Colorado have been seeding clouds for decades. Wyoming has nearly a decade of experience, and New Mexico recently began approving permits for warm weather seeding in the eastern part of the state.

Colorado, Utah and Wyoming each spend between about $1 million and $1.5 million a year for cloud seeding. Utah's legislature recently expanded their investment in cloud seeding programs in next year’s state budget, allocating more than $14 million."
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I thought it was interesting. A lot of people say the govt isn't messing with the weather. A lot of "conspiracy theorists" have claimed for years that the govt has been messing with the weather.

The funny thing about rain is that in order to get more in one area, you have to take it from another area. There's a limit to how much moisture the atmosphere can hold. I wonder if the cloud seeding in some areas are leading to the long term drought currently being experienced in other areas. It was one of the thoughts running through my insomnia plaugued brain last night.
It was a tongue in cheek statement. Long before man was living in what is now Ohio, it was much warmer and mostly ocean floor. I personally, don't believe humans and our activities have much, if any, effect on the global temperatures.
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I still want to know how "they" can tell the temperature of the earth before thermometers were invented. Sure "they" can look at the rings of old trees and see if each year was a good or bad growth year. But to say that the earth is definitely growing warmer, by about 1°c, over the last 100,000 years is bull puckey.

Last year about this time, the daffodils had just started blooming. This year they were blooming 2 weeks ago. Oh my goodness! We're all going to roast this summer! {sarcasm, except about the daffodil dates}
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