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okiemom said:
where do people market their hair sheep? Please give me ideas or sights to visit. I have seen the university(s) data on hair sheep but I have not known anyone to sell hair sheep in large quantities.
Hi Katharine,

As Helmut mentioned, the Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Association ( has a For Sale/Wanted bulletin board. Only members can post For Sale ads, but anyone can post a Wanted ad.

You did not indicate which breed of hair sheep you are interesteed in, but when your select a breed, you can get a lot of "inside" marketing help by joining that breed's registry association. Most groups have an email group that regularly posts want ads.

You don't have to be a member of the St. Croix Sheep Assn. to subscribe to its email group at
Every week I see ads wanting to purchase these sheep, often wanting hundreds.

The Texas Hair Sheep Association ( is getting geared up to provide its members with markets for hair sheep hides.

Finally, I host a free email group for Barbados Blackbelly and Barbado sheep folks and encourage subscribers to post for sale and wanted ads. You can subscribe at

Hope this helps.

Carol Elkins
Critterhaven Estate
Registered Barbados Blackbelly Hair Sheep
(no shear, no dock, no fuss)
Pueblo, Colorado
T-shirts, mugs, caps, and more at the
Barbados Blackbelly Online Store
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