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was at the local Martins( Giant) market last nite to check out the fresh and frozen turkeys(gonna get my own to raise next year, tried for this year and lost all the poults in the mail)..will get a fresh bird because of the "6% solution " they inject all the frozen ones with...but on with the real shock! Saw a package in the fresh chicken that was new and caught my eye :eek: ,"no antibiotic,all vegitarian feed chicken"..brace yourselves...4.99 a lb for boneless skinless breasts, 2.69 a lb for whole birds,2.69 a lb also gets you boneless thighs or split you home raisers didn't know you were eating so "high on the hog" :dance: have to wonder tho just what they would be charging if they added "free range" :no:

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You think that's expensive?

Lamb at my local yuppie mega-mart. Get this.

$14.99 a pound - for LEG! Not a crowned roast, just a farging bone-in leg, 30% bone and cartilige, for $14.99 a pound!!!!

Crown roast, not defatted (called "Frenched" at this place) - $18 a pound! Lobster was cheaper, and this is Iowa.

Stew lamb, they call it "Curry Lamb Cubes" - $7.99 a pound, and it looked like half belly trim. Umm-hum. That'll taste like eatin' a candle! YUMMY!
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