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I stuck in packets of Bloody butcher corn, some Amish pie squash, Moon & Stars watermelon, Jenny Lind melon (green inside), Emerald Gem melon (orange inside), & Scarlet runner beans. Plus 1 pkt of asparagus seeds I bought a couple of months ago in a fit of wild optimism, & then realized I wasn't going to plant (I don't even like asparagus), & a free pkt of some kind of flower, "rocket" something, from Sandhill).
The corn, squash, watermelons, & beans all grow marvelously in hills - hint: plant the corn before the beans, then when you plant the beans, they already have something to climb. Scarlet runner is a real climber, plus the roots overwinter in mild climates. The corn gets pretty big - some of my stalks were 13 ft. I feed old stalks to my sheep. Useful both as fresh eating corn (young), or let dry & grind for meal. I've made a few pies recently from a pie squash I cut off the vine in August, & it was quite sweet & sound. I feed them to the sheep & chickens too, & have LOTS left...
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