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I put in the following …..
Mini popcorn, Globe squash, Golden zucchini, Jack be Little pumpkin (not edible).
Crookneck squash, Borage (small qty), Sweet basil, Cilantro, Green Beans(2 types),
Radish (3 types) Carrots, Romaine lettuce, Roma VF & Sweet 100 tomatoes (small qty).
Cucumber, Leeks, Sorrel, Radicchio (Chicory).
Bunch’s of Zinna’s (seed and petal mix, separating those is a skill I don’t have, I just plant the whole mess and thin later).
Wild flower mix, good for that piece of pasture that’s a bit dull to look at.

I must say I’m rather embarrassed about they way I store my seeds.
I use paper envelops and cut off one end and keep re-taping it year after year.
The small plastic and paper bags seem the way to go, who knew?

I'll ship it out Saturday a.m. and post the confermation number.

1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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