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Mar. 16-What's happening in your garden?

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Zone 3-4 here.
I still have a good 8 to 10 inches of snow in my garden.

Thought I should get my dahlia bulbs started in the house,
And maybe start some petunia seeds.
Will wait another couple of weeks before I start my other seeds.

Anything else I should be doing now?
(Remember---------I know very little about gardening, so any advice is appreciated.)

What are you doing in your garden this week?
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I have just about everything planted now. Taters, corn, carrots, peas, snap beans, watermelons, cauliflower, turnips, swiss chard, spinach, tomatoes, collards, cabbage, broccoli, and should be setting out yellow squash and cucumber plants next week, plus more tomatoe plants. Everything is growing great this year.
Well, we're planting 'taters and peas down here in the spinach and onion plants. Got the greenhouse going with tomtatoes,peppers, both mild and hot and cabbage, storage onions, and many varieties of flowers. Forsythia blooming by the chicken house and some places where it is sheltered the daffodils are blooming...spring can't be far behind. My dogs had a fine time digging up the dalhias and lily bulbs last year....arrragh. So starting alot of new dalhias in the DH's grandma was noted for her fine dalhias so we grow them to keep the family tradition alive.....she had the greenest of thumbs! DEE
It is has been snowing in my garden for the last two days :waa: I am in region4.
Some of my spinach is popping up. First time I have grown it. I also have some 'maters inside. I think it's gonna be a good year. :D
We're in Zone 3a. No snow here right now, but that'll probably change in the next few days, it always does. Will be starting seeds indoors this weekend, though. If the ground stays somewhat unfrozen, will be building some raised beds too.
growing snow rapidly, will harvest soon, canning supplies ready to go
Peas and salad greens are coming up. Have tomatoes, brassicas(sp), onions and leeks starting in greenhouse. I'm on canada's west coast and get confused as to which zone I'm in. I plant from experience and last years Falling a bit behind...already, should have my beets and radish in already and my fava beans too.......
We planted some onions and lettuce. Started to mix our own planting soil from neighbor's instructions. DH bought big bags of vermiculite, compost and peat moss. Where does everyone order their seeds from? We did from various companies this year and still want to get more to fill in the gaps.
Nothing planted in our large garden space(farm) cause it is clay and with snow, and rain it's just too wet! Here @ our house (sandy) I have planted greens, onions and peas! Will plant tomato seeds tomorrow in the greenhouse.
Zone 5 here. Denver. I planted spinach, several kinds of leaf lettuce, shallots, osaka purple cabbage, chicory greens, and mache. Started seeds indoors for eggplant, tomatoes, & peppers.
Haven't done a thing in the garden, yet. I plan on cleaning up winter debris this weekend, weather permitting. I'll be starting my seeds next month.

Also, this weekend, I'll be pruning the plum trees. They're getting out of hand.
We are on the typical Michigan rollercoaster here. We have a couple of nice days that I can get out and be cleaning off gardens and than, like today, be snow covered and in the twenties. I have way too many things started inside.....even have petunias and geraniums in bloom. My first tub of inside lettuce is at the end of it's usefulness and will go out to the rabbits. I am struggling with spider mites for some reason this year. I have rather large pea sized green tomatoes on my "Sweet Million" vine that I started inside and blossoms on my cuke vines.
LOLOL!!! I was thinking about clearing out some flower beds, starting some peas and making another 'grand attempt' at potatoes this week yet... Woke up to big fluffy snowflakes, so will stay inside and work on other projects! The tulips and hyacinths are coming up, as are the irises, everything else is still sleepin'.

Did manage to finish clearing out the old stuff from the veggie garden earlier in the week, and dumped another batch of fresh bunny poop in there - cleared ashes into it from fire-pit (then began praying dh had cleaned it out since he burned the trash (and before burning leftover wood good for nothing else!) Cleaned all the sawdust out of his woodshop and put in there too.

I guess I will have to be content just waiting for the blasted pepper seeds to sprout in the office (everything else is up - then comes the market plants).... at least for a little bit longer!

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Went out to the garden yesterday to find one of my lettuce plants doing the hula ! Couldnt find shovel so grabbed a hoe and started pounding soil yellin DIE DIE DIE. Gopher got away but bet he has a headache. Neighbors are looking at me weird though.
That is to funny Kathy. :haha: :haha: :haha:

Big snow crop here in zone 6. Last week it was in the 50's and we got our load of cow poo's buried too :waa: Inside, got cabbage, ground cherry, artichoke, cardoon and parsley flats going. Am buying my tomato and papper plants this year, cause DH does not want me to take up the entire house again this year :p
Zone 5 north of Chicago. Snow has come but before it did I have lettuce starting in a cold frame and was able to plant carrots and beets. Hoping this week to dig trench for potatoes, but have to wait until April to start anything else. My garden used to be mainly clay but have spent 2 years improving the soil by digging in compost and plowing green manure crops back into the garden. Hope to have a good crop this year.Spring is in the air.
Zone 6 Arkansas/Missourri border. Going down at the end of March to start clearing for my future garden. Soil looks tired so it will take many years to get this garden going here. Will probably have to do raised beds and build the soil.
Can anyone describe their drainage system in raised beds? Thanks
ladder51 said:
growing snow rapidly, will harvest soon, canning supplies ready to go
Dang! Too late to get instructions!!!
The My snow was gone before I could get it harvested (kind of like peas)! :haha:
Zone 4 here. Not much snow left on the ground. (hee-hee! The last few storms have passed SOUTH of us!) But the ground is still rock-hard frozen. Just this past week though I started some tomatoes, cucumber, zucchini, and yellow crookneck. I don't care if it is a bit early, I've just gotta see something grow!
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