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I work for the CFIA (canadian Food inspection Agency) and work with the breeding animals, mostly pigs, but cattle, sheep and Poultry etc.

I have started to be trained on doing AI and semen collection(pigs). I had my first attempt of AI on the weekend, and it went well, I have done a few more since then.

Semen collection was next on the list, not a pretty job but something that only 1 other guy at work can do, and when he isn't around, no one can do any AI if need be. and they figured it would be good if someone else would try, being the only female in a very male dominated place of work (I'm the only female that works with the livestock) None of the other guys liked the ideas of giving it a try. (wimps really, no offence!)

So the guy I work with most of the time with the pigs, showed me how, I had observed and was his spotter several times. (we use the gloved hand method)

For the first time collecting the sample was really good, the second time, same boar, was good, not as much but the guy I work with was pretty impressed...I don't know if having a 2 for 2 good samples, is necessarily a really good thing for me ( don't think I will ever live it down...) but it looks like I will have another thing to ad to my resume soon! (I don't really know where else around here that would be help ful but anyways!)

I was wondering if anyone had any good sites or advice on either semen collection or AI I can read, that would be great, I just want to keep reading up on it.

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