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Discussion in 'Goats' started by Tabitha, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Tabitha

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    Apr 10, 2006
    Until the fence was finished we tethered the two goats we have (mother and daughter, born this Feb). It just shows, they react different than you expect. with wonderful browse all around and lots of room I thought they would be in goat heaven and fall right to it. Kid goat has nothing on her brain but to suck her mother dry, so she is tethered on this side of the fence. Momma was let free to roam on the other side, and she has nothing on her brain but to break into the chicken house and eat the chickens feed. so she is tethered again, too. The chickens are free ranging and I keep food and water inside the coop. How the goat knows this I do not know, maybe the chickens told her. we had a run for the 60 future fryers and turkeys, but I opened that fence and started letting them out. so, how do you manage obstinate critters that could have a wonderful life but insist on botching it and then complain. I hate having to fence the chickenhouse to keep the goat out. tomorrow I want to make a picket gate that will let the chickens through but not a goat and put it in the door of the coop. Maybe that will cook her goose. Actually more challenge than I expected. One thing for sure though. I am not going to feel sorry for critters anymore that are kept in enclosed yards. I think mine would be happy that way, have me bring her food...but then I am sure she would be constantly trying to break out and get to the great outdoors. go figure...thanks for letting me sound off
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    Jul 29, 2006
    We had to get creative to keep our Sadie out of the chicken/rabbit area of our small shed/barn when we lived in central NC - we put up a couple of narrow wire panels in a zig zag pattern that the chickens could navigate but Sadie and her boy Matt couldn't get through... it worked well, once the chickens figured it out... over and over again... We're no longer at that particular property and have new challenges to deal with but isn't that the fun of it!

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    Welcome to goat ownership! :baby04:

    My mother in law always said, "If a woman doesn't have enough to do, get her a goat."

    Their whole goal in life is to get out. :shrug:

    I recommend electric net fencing.