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Making turtle traps?

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Does anyone have plans or directions on how to build a turtle trap for a pond?
I've shot about 4 this summer, there is still one in there I missed. These are kinda small soft-shelled turtles, not snapping turtles.

If anyone can post or give instructions for making one it would be greatly appreciated. The ones I see online are expensive, the kind that you float out in your pond and they crawl onto it and fall in.

Thanks in advance
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first you need fish hooks with the eye opposite direction of the hook so that you can nail through the eye and the hook will be curved up away from the piece of plywood youll be nailing to just cover the ply wood with these hooks then place in water so that when the turtles crawl up to sun theyll be trapped
i hope that make sense enough that can help
Last summer I had to make one for my freshwater shrimp pond. I started with a 1/2 a barrel, added enough bricks to sink it into the water about half way. (It would have floated too high if I didn't)
Then I wired some chicken wire on the sides and shaped them like walkways for the turtles to climb up.
I put bait ( meat) in the bottom of the barrel.
When the turtles climbed up the chicken wire on the sides they would fall into the barrel and couldn't get back out.
It worked fairly well. my main problem was the wind would sometimes blow the barrel to shore. I wanted it out farther into the pond.

There were some good suggestions here this summer. Might check the archives?

I would think you could make a cheap one out of PVC and wire......Fill the pvc with water to keep it from floating too high?
I saw the plans you are talking about but could not find the link to send. Basically, you take a length of 2X4 inch welded wire fence (galvanized) and make a box, 4 feet square with 12 inch sides, open at the top. Securely fasten where the splices are as turtles are very strong. You may want to fasten some rods or angle on the outside of the box to brace it up. Then take 4 inch PVC pipe and 4 ea. elbows and make a square that will just fit inside the wire box. Fasten the pipe to the box at the very top with radiator clamps. Must be at the very top but inside. Now take a piece of the welded wire to make a ramp or two, angled down from the top of the box so the turtles will have a way to climb in. (probably will need to brace this)
Bait with what you have that turtles will eat (they ain't picky) and float in your pond. The turtles can climb in but they can't climb out over the slick PVC.
Depending on size, you may catch 3 or 4 at a time.
This trap floats so the turtles will not drown if you don't run the trap soon enough.
Call me when the turtle soup is ready!
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Send me an e-mail to [email protected] and I'll send a photo back of one I made last summer using part of a plastic barrel and 1" x 12" boards. Worked so-so, but I didn't know about baiting it also.

Ken S. in WC TN
Any container you have or can rig will work if it holds turtles. A simple teeter-totter board balanced to reset itself when the turtle crawls past the tip over point will do the job with the following requirments. (A) the tip over point must be adjusted to the size/weight of turtles to be trapped. (B) The entry point of the tip over board should be comfortable for the turtle to access. Bait will help attract the turtles but the haul-out habit will cause it to work without it except for snappers. Good catching....Glen
Make a sqaure frame out of 2 X 4's. Size can be what you desire. Next make a basket out of chicken wire and nail onto the frame on the inside. Depth can be what you desire also. Now on the inside of the frame, nail about 4" long finishing nails around the inside of the frame facing toward the middle. Be sure the nails are sticking out about 2 1/2 - 3". Place them about 1" apart all around the inside of the frame. Flip the cage over onto its top to where the basket is protruding up. Now glue styrofoam strips onto the 2 X 4's all around the frame.

This trap will float in the water cause of the styrofoam glued underneath the frame. The turtles can climb into the trap but because of the nails protruding out on the inside of the frame they can't get out.

Bait the cage with a can of dog food that has been punctured several times. Suspend the canned dog food in the middle using wire run from one side of the frame to the can and then to the other side of the frame.

Good luck and watch your fingers.
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