Making Cages

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    This is a interesting article about this subject.

    I have a house bunny and he will be sitting on my shoulder or real close to my chin doing
    his kissing up to the human, when he gets the urge to eat his cecotropes which happens
    during the evening. He just puts his head down there and sucks it down is about the only
    way I can describe it. He looks like a round ball when this is going on. He comes up for air,
    like once. And then goes back to finishing. Takes less than a minute usually.
    He is a Netherland dwarf about 2.5 pounds and has angora fur. He became the house
    bunny because he has a hind foot he can't use. I did not want him suffering in the cold
    outside in the building if he gets wet when he goes to the bathroom. I call him Bug.
    He requires a bit of maintenance sometimes but as long as I control what he eats
    carefully, things go good.
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    Ok thank you
    Perhaps wire floors are fine

    I prefer a natural pen (rabbit proof) for the does and kits. Bucks would be in a tractor, wire floor 4 inches above ground.

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    I had mine in cages for many years but have been outside in a colony for the last few years. I"ve seen them many times with their head buried down between their legs for a couple of minutes. Their head is in the way but I assume that's what they're doing. I had the cecotropes stuck on the floor wire of the cages from time to time but it's rare to see it in the colony when I change the straw out.
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