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Making butter with a blender?

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Anybody have a recipe? How many pounds of butter do you get from a gallon of milk? Can you use store bought whole milk? Also,can you make butter with goats milk? Thanks in advance, Daryll in NW FLA
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The amount of butter you get depends on how much cream the milk has. It can range from 1 cup to 1 quart per gallon. I usually get around 1 pound of butter per quart of cream, although sometimes it is more. You cannot use storebought milk since it has been homogenized, although you can use storebought cream. Try to find a source of grass-fed, raw Jersey cream to make the best butter. In my opinion it isn't worth the effort using storebought, pasteurized cream! You can look under Where on for raw milk.
Unless you have a separator you cannot get any cream off the goat milk since it is naturally homogenized, although the miniature breeds have so much cream in their's that some cream will rise.
To make butter you basically shake the cream until it separates, rinse out the buttermilk, and press out the water. You can use a butter churn, food processor, shake a jar of cream, etc.
Hi bantams, Thanks for the info!
Ive done it many times. I put the whipping cream into a blender. turn it on medium speed. When it starts to thicken I trickle water in until it starts whipping again. at this point it doesnt take much time to turn it into butter. after your done you have to squeeze the whey out of the butter and salt it if you want
Go buy a quart of heavy whipping cream to try it with. If you leave it to get to room temperature it is quicker, but you can use it straight from the fridge. Put cream in mixer or ice cream maker and turn on slow to medium. When the butter starts to form turn mixer down real slow or use your hands to get it all together. The liquid that is left can be used for cooking. Then you have to rinse in very cold water until the butter runs clear (not milky) just work the butter in your hands( like clay). Then put on about 1teaspoon of salt (I use canning salt) and blend in, put in fridge. You should get about a 1lb of butter from a quart of cream. Sometimes it is cheaper to buy cream and make your butter than to buy butter. It's fun and easy-try it.

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