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making a baby bib from a towel

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I used to have some bibs that had been made from hand towels. They had a circle cut in the middle, with ribbing over it, and one shoulder was split and had velcro so you did not have to pull it over the head when it was full of food.

The ones I had were store bought, but I can not find any like that now. Has anyone made them? I am sure I can figure out how to put it together, but I don't know how big to make the circle.
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My daughter makes a variation on that.

She takes a small hand towel, or dish towel, and at one end make a neck hole and binds it with bias binding or folded ribbon, leaving long ties for the back. Covers the babies down thru the lap area and works as they get larger into toddler size. I think the neck hole is probably cut from a saucer or salad plate size template (the actual plate).

You might try that - people who see hers tell her she should make them and sell them on e-bay.

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